Maintenance detail - luxury auto bath

  • Cars $50
  • Trucks/SUV’s $60

This is not your average car wash. Your vehicle is pampered from beginning to end when it receives our luxury bath. We only wash cars one way, the right way...

Our maintenance detail begins with a foam prewash and two-bucket spot free premium hand car wash. This includes drying the vehicle using an air blower and all jambs dried.

The wheel faces, barrels, and tires are scrubbed clean, followed by a topcoat of tire dressing.

Our method won't put swirl marks in your paint.


LEVEL 1: Wash and Wax

    • Cars $150
    • Trucks/SUV’s $200

Time Required: 2-4 Hours

A solid exterior detail that makes your car look great again.

This detail includes all of the washing steps from our maintenance detail.

The vehicle is then decontaminated with an iron and fall out remover, tar remover, and prepped with a clay bar treatment. Finally it is sealed with a quality SiO2 (ceramic) based sealant.


Level 2: Exterior Two Step Polish

  • Cars: Starting at $600
  • Trucks/SUV's: Starting at $750
  • Time Required: 8-12 Hours

We recommend this service if your vehicle is a daily driver and has never received a truly professional detail before. Remove all of those ugly swirls and scratches from the automated car wash or improper washing methods and reveal a better than new shine.

Includes all of the steps from Level 1 with the addition of a two step polish, removing 80-90% of swirls and scratches, and a topcoat of sealant offering up to 6 months of protection.

LEVEL 3: Exterior Paint Correction

  • Cars Starting at $900
  • Trucks/SUV’s Starting at $1000
  • Time Required 15+ Hours

This is more of a restoration detail. We chase out all of the imperfections in your vehicles paint finish revealing a beautiful, glossy, layer of paint. When topping with ceramic coating your paint will really pop and stay that way for years to come.

We produce real, lasting results. We don't use fillers or wax to hide imperfections. What you see is what you get and there is no doubt about that.

The Process:

Includes Level 1 wash and paint prep steps.

The paint surface receives a 2-Step, or multi-step, machine polishing process consisting of properly compounding and polishing to remove all swirl marks and fine scratches revealing a truly perfect finish. This achieves 90-95% correction.

Your vehicle can then either be topped with your choice of a sealant or premium ceramic coating.

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Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating

  • Cars: Starting at $1200
  • Trucks/SUV's: Starting at $1400
  • Time Required 20+ Hours

This package includes our Level 3: Paint Correction Service.

The vehicle is then prepped and a premium ceramic coating is professionally applied

  • Our entry level coating offers 2 years of protection but can be upgraded to 5 years of protection from harsh environmental elements such as dirt, road grime, oil, tar, and other debris.
  • Creates a very deep, glossy, crystal-like finish.
  • Hydrophobic properties creating ease of cleaning.

Give your vehicle the protection it deserves and you'll feel like you're driving a new car for years to come.

Add wheel, caliper, and glass coating upgrades to complete the package.

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Wheel and Caliper Ceramic Coating

  • 18" Wheels starting at $250
  • Calipers from $150

This package includes removing the wheels and cleaning and decontaminating them inside and out.

The wheels are then sprayed with an ultra glossy, super hydrophobic, clear coat like, ceramic coating.

  • Strong protection from harsh environmental elements such as dirt, road grime, oil, tar, brake dust and other debris.
  • Easily wash away brake dust.

Keep your wheels looking new!

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Ferrari F12 Interior

LEVEL 1: Interior Detail

  • Cars: $150
  • Trucks/SUV's: $200
  • Time Required: 4+ Hours

(Door panels, Dash, Center console, and Cluster)

Cleansing of all interior surfaces using interior cleaner.

Leather conditioner is applied to leather seating surfaces.

Windows washed with an appropriate window cleaner that is safe on window tint.

Vacuuming of carpets and floor mats. (If floor mats are plastic/rubber, they will be removed from the vehicle and washed).

Interior scents are available.


LEVEL 2: Interior Detail

  • Cars: Starting at $200
  • Trucks/SUV's: Starting at $250
  • Time Required 5+ Hours

Includes all of the steps from stage 1 plus:

Carpets, floor mats, trunk/cargo area, and cloth seating surfaces are shampooed using a hot water carpet extractor.

Leather seating, and other leather surfaces are steam cleaned and wiped down using an interior cleaner followed by a topcoat of premium leather conditioner.

Odor removal is also offered.


Engine Bay Detail

  • $50

The engine compartment is degreased, scrubbed, rinsed, and dressed.

Tony's C7 1

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