Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings for Cars

Having a ceramic coating applied to your car's exterior after an exterior detail or paint correction is one of the best ways to keep your paint looking great. Not only does it repel dirt, water and other elements, but it also enhances the shine of the paint.

A great example is a non-stick pan. In the same way that an egg slides out of a non-stick pan, dirt and water slide off the ceramic coating on your paint.

A ceramic coating is a high content silica based layer that creates a super slick, sacrificial barrier, between your vehicles clear coat and the harmful elements it encounters while parked and driving down the road.

Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

With this paint protection technology, dirt will have a much harder time sticking to your paint, and as a result washing your car will no longer be a chore. The dirt will easily wash away because of the slick surface.

Ceramic coatings, when paired with a paint correction, give your vehicle an incredible gloss and shine that lasts for years.  It will leave you saying "wow" after every wash... and trust us that's an understatement...

Understated Detailing offers a range of professional, "installer only" ceramic coatings, that are formulated and produced specifically for the ultimate protection of the exterior, paint wheels, calipers, glass, and plastic trim of all vehicles for all weather. Only the best combination of premium grade modified silica is used to create such protection.

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GYEON INFINITE | 5 Year Ceramic Coating:

GYEON Ceramic Coatings form an ultra-durable, high-gloss, slick to the touch, chemically bonded layer of optically clear ceramic for your vehicles paint. Once applied, Infinite dramatically improves your vehicle's ability to resist environmental contamination, swirls, RIDs, road tar etc. and reacts to the changes in the environment such as temperature and humidity. This allows the coating to be "flexible" in a way, meaning that even though it is hard enough to protect, it is still soft enough to not develop micro-cracks that can hurt looks or longevity. Once cured, INFINITE, can last up to 5 years, if properly maintained, according to the manufacturer, and the hydrophobic qualities will have you standing back to admire the tight uniform water beads. Cleaning your car will no longer be a chore when compared to traditional paint protection products.

- Amazing level of gloss, depth, and protection!

- Ultra-hydrophobic, glossy, and slick, to the touch

- Your vehicle will stay cleaner for longer

- Lasts up to 5 years!

- Enhanced ability to resist watermarks


GYEON RIM | Wheel and Caliper Coating:

GYEON RIM is a high strength, high temperature, super hydrophobic coating that creates a slick surface on your wheels and calipers making your wheels an absolute breeze to keep clean for years to come!


GYEON VIEW Window Coating:

GYEON VIEW is a super hydrophobic ceramic coating for your glass that aids driver visibility during daytime, nighttime, and harsh weather conditions. Durability of about 1 year.


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